Slanka is the first VLCD product on the market without added aspartame, gluten and soya flour. Nut-free production. Lactose free assortment is also available.

Manufactured in Sweden with the highest quality and delicate taste.

In May 2016, we expanded our VLCD range with puddings and even more tasty lactose free soups. At the same time, our smooth 6-pack was launched.

Slanka Deli Diet suits everyone who wants to:
– stay in shape
– get good meals under stressful conditions
– lose weight
– choose 5: 2
– eat well before and after exercise
– get full nutrition
– use allergy food
– have a healthy lifestyle
– simplify their food
– have a wide selection of delicious and sour flavors!

Among our re-sellers, there are trained and certified Slanka coaches for those customers who wish to have a coach during their weight loss journey.

Slanka’s products are manufactured with the highest quality assurance for food with BRC (Global standard) A-Class certification, www.brcglobalstandards.com

Slanka meets the Swedish Food Administration’s requirements for VLCD.
Our business is certified according to IP Livsmedel.

Slanka participates in the Diabetes Project “Project 600”, which started in spring 2012, www.typ2.se

Scientific study for Slanka VLCD. A study led by Professor Henrik Forssell and doctor Erik Norén at Blekinge Hospital. Published in the Nutrition Journal.

Member of Svensk Egenvård.