How we handle your personal information

In order to deliver goods and provide our customers with the best possible service, we need to handle personal information. It’s for example name, address, e-mail address, phone number or IP address.

When you place an order, these information is stored in our system together with information about what you have ordered and how you have paid.

Depending on how you choose to pay, information may also be stored with the person who transfers your payment, for example, Klarna.

Your data is also handled by our warehouse, which ensures that you receive the right goods and then send your package to the freight forwarder, such as DHL or Postnord.

The basis for our accounting is transferred to our Fortnox financial system.

How we collect personal data

Essentially, it is your own who gives your information to us when you place an order or contact us otherwise.

For technical reasons, our online services may sometimes place a “cookie” in your browser. For example, our site remembers who you are when you visit the site again and can remember what you have added to the shopping cart.

Cookies can also be used by external services that we need for statistics and technical quality control.

What we use personal data to

In order for us to deliver goods to you, we, our warehouse and the shipper, need to process your personal information.

Some personal information must be saved in accordance with the Accounting Act.

We use your personal information for follow-up newsletters and SMS mailing with offers. You can easily deregister yourself.

Some technical solutions that we use to prevent abuse of our online services store the visitor’s IP address. This also applies to statistics and marketing services, however, anonymous addresses are used as widely as possible.

You decide your personal information

It is you who decide which tasks you want to leave and you who consent to us using them. You can revoke your consent at any time.

You have the right to have your personal information deleted:

if the data is no longer needed for the purposes for which they were collected
if the data has not been processed under the Data Protection Ordinance
If deletion is required to comply with legal obligation
if you revoke your consent for data that has no other legal basis
if the information is used for direct marketing and you oppose it

The exception is data that is required by law, for example information stored in accordance with the Accounting Act.

Services that may receive your personal information

External services and suppliers we use may sometimes need to handle your personal information.

For delivery of ordered goods:

För leverans av beställda varor:

Service Short Description
Klarna Handles several types of payment methods.
Swish Handles Swish payment.
NETS Handles payment by credit card.
Ongoing External logistics system used by our warehouse.
Postnord Delivery.
DHL Delivery.
Sendgrid For mailing of e-mail, eg order confirmation.
 Fortnox Economy System.
Oderland Webhosting.

For analysis, statistics and marketing

Service Short Description
Google Visits and online advertising.
Hotjar Web analytics to improve our sites.
Facebook Visits and Advertising.
Mailchimp For mailing newsletters.
 Pixie SMS Mailing.

For questions, contact us!

If you are wondering about your personal information or, for example, want to correct any errors, please contact us by email