OrangeMango shake 6-pack

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Luscious and creamy with a fresh, fruity taste of orange and mango.

OrangeMango shake × 6

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Slanka OrangeMango shake – delicious taste for weight control.
Creamy with a fresh and fruity taste of orange and mango.
Promotes a flying start. Even more delicious mixed with crushed ice in a blender.

When losing weight, taste matters!

  • Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD)
  • 170 kcal / portion
  • Works well on Slanka Maxi
  • No added gluten, aspartame or soy flour

Slanka VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) is a complete food replacement diet for weight control with very low energy content. Slanka VLCD is a safe and easy way if you want to lose weight quickly and stay in shape by reducing calorie intake without sacrificing nutrition, quality or taste. Replace all meals for up to 3 weeks* with 3 servings per day of Slanka soup/shake/pudding/oatmeal. 3 servings of Slanka VLCD will give you the complete recommended daily intake of essential nutrients 
(vitamins, minerals and trace elements) as well as a high content of protein – but only 510 kcal!

*On the VLCD diet you must eat all 3 portions per day to get all the necessary nutrients. Drink about 3 litres of water/day. Slanka should not be used as the sole food source for more than 3 weeks without consulting a doctor.

Note: VLCD products shall not be used as a sole source of nutrition for children, adolescents under 18 years, elderly, pregnant or nursing women, or people with eating disorders. Consult with a doctor if you suffer from e.g. cardiovascular diseases, disorders of metabolism or diabetes.